How Authors Work: Learn the process from professional authors and become a more productive writer

How Authors Work: Learn the process from professional authors and become a more productive writer

Every week we interview an author or publishing pro and dig into how they work. We get as detailed as possible, exploring their tools, techniques, and workflow secrets, and share their tips and tricks so you can use them too.

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    Planning for your bad days — with John Hartness

    We had an amazing talk with John at the end of 2017. He covered a lot of ground talking about everything from mental health to starting a publishing company to finding the writing rhythm that works for your brain.

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    Writing By Hand – with Cayla Keenan

    Andrew and I have referenced Cayla Keenan’s process in just about every podcast since this one was recorded. She's a college student and author, and her debut novel, "Catching Stars" is coming out in June of 2018. Learn how she works, and hear her journey from PitMAD to published.

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    Writing a Thesaurus of Emotions — with Becca Puglisi

    Becca Puglisi talks to Andrew and Paul about the process of co-writing The Emotional Wound Thesaurus and how she and her co-author Angela Ackerman work to find one voice as two writers. We also spent time talking about emotional self-care for authors and the process of writing emotional tools.

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    From Fan Fiction to Original Work — with J.S. Dewes

    Jenny discusses how she uses Pinterest as part of her workflow, what her self-editing and beta processes look like, and how her experience on indie film sets influences her work as a novelist.

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    Plot bunnies, own voices, and publishing — with Kaelan Rhywiol

    Kaelan joined us for a wide-ranging discussion on several topics, including: plotting and character development, authentic representation, what it really means to be a sensitivity reader, and what it's like to be a publisher. We had a great conversation, and Paul and I both came away feeling that we'd learned a lot. Thanks, Kaelan!

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    Ruminating on Ideas – with Jay Posey

    Jay joined us for an awesome discussion, but Paul kept the show notes to himself! He'll be adding those in the morning, and when he does this temporary episode summary will be rendered moot.

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    Growing from freelance to full-time – with C. Hope Clark

    Hope is a mystery author and the editor of Funds For Writers. She joined us for a wide ranging conversation on how she learned to write, and how she organizes her work, and how her career as a writer evolved over the last eighteen years. We also talked about beta readers, newsletters, and the value of writing conferences.

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    Beginning with the Ending – with T.A. Chan

    Tina joined us to discuss her writing process, including how she plans story from concept to completion by starting with the ending she wants and the final feeling she wants her readers to have.

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    A realistic look at the slush pile and your chances of making it out – with Gray Rinehart

    Gray Rinehart joins us to talk about his writing process and his work as a Contributing Editor at Baen Books. Gray oversees the infamous "slush pile," where unsolicited manuscripts go when they're sent to Baen. He gives us some great insight into how he approaches the manuscripts submitted, and a realistic look at the odds an author faces trying to escape from the slush pile.

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